HelloPrenup Featured on Shark Tank

HelloPrenup Featured on Shark Tank

HelloPrenup takes the awkwardness out of the prenuptial agreement process. The awkward meetings with lawyers and expensive retainer fees are a thing of the past. Instead, the service offers a simple, user-friendly process. The process starts with detailed questions that users answer online. The system guides them through the entire process, from hiring a lawyer in its network to receiving a personalized report. The process is easy and efficient, ensuring that the couple gets the best deal.


HelloPrenup allows two fiancees in minutes to create a prenuptial contract. Each fiance creates an account on the site and invites the other to do the same. The website asks each fiance to provide information on income, property, and assets. It also requires the fiances to identify any issues they may have. Then, they draft the prenuptial agreement based on the information provided.

HelloPrenup was featured during the episode on Shark Tank. The episode is widely acclaimed for its innovative approach to business, and the co-founders of the company appeared to have a passion for their ventures. Julia Jaffe and Sarabeth Jaffe were inspired by their experience as divorce lawyers. They believe that having a prenup can help couples communicate better and avoid any confusion later in the divorce process.

The platform was launched in September 2018, and has grown quickly since the first Shark Tank appearance in 2012. It is an easy-to-use online platform that takes only a few steps. Upon signing up, the users should invite their significant other to the platform. Once there, they list their assets, finances, incomes, and properties. After they have completed all details, they can calculate an initial agreement that they can use in their prenup. If the couple wishes to have a legal prenup, they should consult a licensed attorney.

The HelloPrenup application is simple to use. Using the tool is completely free, and the software will guide them through the process step by step. The program is not intended to provide legal advice and it does not work in all states. The service does not offer to do this, however. HelloPrenup asked users to select which state laws they wanted to bind their marriage during Shark Tank.

HelloPrenup works by asking one fiance to create an account and inviting their significant other to join. The questionnaires ask both fiances to fill out. They include information about their spouse’s assets, incomes and property. Both partners can communicate with each other through the system, which allows them to understand the prenup. It’s the best way for a happy marriage if both partners are comfortable with it.

After signing up for HelloPrenup, users must invite their significant other to the site. The users then need to enter their personal information, including financial details. They then input their incomes and debts to calculate their initial agreement. The couple can then pay a small fee to make the agreement legally binding. They can then use it to make sure their partner is happy with the document. Then, the process begins.

HelloPrenup can only be used in certain states. It is currently available in 18 states. Visit the HelloPrenup website to find out if your state has been included. Although HelloPrenup may not be available in your state in all cases, it can be used in other states to create agreements. In many cases, this is a good option for couples planning to move to another country.

HelloPrenup is an online tool for couples. It allows one partner to create an account and invite the other. Then, the couple completes the form by filling out a questionnaire about their assets and income. Then, the service helps the couple identify any issues and drafts a prenuptial agreement. It is also helpful for those who are new to the prenuptial agreement process.

Using HelloPrenup to create a prenup is a great idea. It allows couples to communicate and reach an agreement on the terms without having to hire a lawyer. It is also affordable compared to traditional prenuptial agreements that can cost $5,000. The website allows you to choose the language you want, and you can print your prenup without any attorney. This is a smart choice for people with limited time, who don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a prenup.

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