Guillermo Maldonado’s Divorce

Guillermo Maldonado’s Divorce

The two-year-old drama surrounding the alleged mistreatment of church funds is likely to come to a head next month, with the official website of the apostle’s wife revealing the news on February 12. The couple’s son Ronald Maldonado has been named as the primary beneficiary of the disputed properties. While Guillermo Maldonado and Ana Maldonado disagree on much, they both maintain that the disputed property transfers to him will not affect his ownership of the marital home.


In a statement, Maldonado stated that his divorce from Ana Maldonado had nothing to do with his alleged mistreatment. She said that she has never met Maldonado’s son, who she says is “divorced” from his father. She also said that her marriage was a “marriage.” Although they have three children together, Maldonado is the father of Ronald, and she’s the mother of her son.

In addition to being a successful writer, Guillermo Maldonado is a self-proclaimed evangelical Christian. He is the co-founder of the El Rey Jesus megachurch, which has been growing rapidly for more than a decade. He is the spiritual father of 500 churches worldwide, and teaches at the University of the Supernatural Ministry. While he has been married for nearly 20 years, he has been accused of a variety of offenses.

During the hearing, the government proffered evidence of heroin in Maldonado’s T-shirt. Despite his objections, Maldonado agreed to a summary of the evidence at his plea hearing. He questioned the characterization of cocaine found in his apartment as “crack” in his plea agreement. In addition, he was not represented by a legal interpreter at his trial.

Although Maldonado and Ana did not have a child together, their divorce was a contentious issue in the court of public opinion. Nevertheless, a judge granted the divorce, citing the evidence of the two children. Neither spouse’s claims against each other have been accepted by the courts. The judge also dismissed the couple’s motion for a downward departure. The government argued that the couple had committed a crime. The judge had to decide whether these allegations were true.

While there is no record of Maldonado’s conviction, he claims that Trump’s presidency is divinely-inspired and he is “the son of God.” He has even claimed that his election to the U.S. is “divinely-inspired,” and called Florida Gov. Rick Scott a “presence of the living God.” In 2010, he hosted Republican presidential candidate Rick Scott at his church.

At his trial, Maldonado was sentenced to 210 months in prison, which was the minimum prescribed under the Sentencing Guidelines. The judge said that the defendant had a significant amount of wealth compared to his wife, which included his house and money. This meant that he would have to pay for an attorney’s fees. Ultimately, Maldonado would be sentenced to a long prison term.

In the proceedings, Maldonado filed a motion for downward departure and provided evidence of rehabilitation. He attached his high school equivalency diploma and certificates of courses he had taken while in prison. The government objected to the motion because it lacked convincing evidence to prove that Maldonado had undergone extraordinary rehabilitation. The appeals court ruled in favor of his case.

In the divorce proceedings, Maldonado’s ex-wife argued that she had received no financial benefit from the marriage. The wife said the former husband had lied about his finances to her. She was claiming that she owned a “possible boat” and “believed” that he had a property in Italy, Honduras, and Colombia. She also wants the main marital home and attorneys’ fees.

The United States Court of Appeals in the First Circuit upheld the appeals court’s decision in favor of Maldonado. Her husband pled guilty to charges of cocaine and heroin possession. He was ordered to pay his wife $4.5 million and to pay his wife’s half of the $4.65 million settlement. During the course of his trial, his lawyer did not mention his resentment toward his ex-wife.

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