Uncontested Divorce

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uncontested divorce uncontested divorce Uncontested Divorce uncontested divorce jan9 300x255At the law offices of Angela Schmidt, our uncontested divorce lawyer encourages an amicable approach to divorce. Because the stakes are high, it is in everyone’s best interest to craft long-term, realistic and workable agreements concerning alimony, child support , child custody . Our lawyer can also assist you in the  property division, your assets and debts.

Our Family Law Attorneys assist men and women, including those from same sex throughout South California, with contested and uncontested divorce or dissolution of the relationship. We utilize a collaborative approach when possible, but are prepared to go to trial when a collaborative approach is not right for your situation.

In order for a collaborative divorce to work, both parties must be committed to the process. The principle behind the collaborative process is to engage professionals who are impartial, rather than advocating for one party or the other, and have everyone committed to reaching the best possible agreement that is fair and reasonable to all parties.

The uncontested process addresses all the issues that a litigated or uncontested divorce would address, namely:

child custody

child support

spousal support

property division

Uncontested Divorce Lawyer – Walking You Through the Process

If you and your spouse wish to divorce and are on amicable terms, our divorce lawyers can offer you two methods to finalize your divorce. The first approach would include filing the divorce initial paperwork and then serving your spouse. This would allow your spouse to answer before finalizing the agreement in court. The second approach would eliminate the waiting period, as we could have your spouse do not fie an answer, while we draft the stipulated judgment and then file the last package 30 days after service of process. This is less expensive than the first approach.

Regardless of the method you would like us to take, we promise to be there with you throughout the process and ensure that all necessary steps are handled properly.

Uncontested Divorce  – The Benefits

Maybe you want an amicable divorce to preserve your assets for your benefit and the benefit of your children; or perhaps you and your spouse want to just move on with your life, but want to make sure you are not getting taken in the divorce process. In either case, am amicable approach to your divorce may be in your best interest.

An uncontested divorce is quite similar to an amicable. It involves two parties who wish to work together to create an agreement that is mutually beneficial. Uncontested divorce also provides the following benefits:

  • It keeps the stress levels down and the focus on reaching an agreement
  • It is cheaper than contested
  • There are much fewer legal processes involved, such as hearings and depositions
  • The process is much quicker than contested divorce, and can generally take only two to four months to finalize the paperwork. Although officially you will restore status to single six months and one day after the service of process

Our lawyers are also skilled litigators who can take your divorce to court if you and your spouse cannot agree on all terms, such as asset or debt division and child or spousal support.


Divorce Mediation

In keeping with the team approach to divorce, the Law Offices of Angela Schmidt offer the services of a certified and trained divorce mediator for affordable price.

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