Some of the Services we can do are

Divorce Mediation: Allows you and your Spouse to negotiate your divorce and make it uncontested

Prenuptial Agreements: Allows you to decide things like asset and property division

Postnuptial Agreement: An agreement in the case of a divorce, helps with division.

Uncontested Divorce: A Type of Divorce with little conflict where you do not need to go to court and both you and your spouse largely agree on everything

Contested Divorce: A Type of Divorce if you and your Spouse are in conflict about Division of Assets and Children and support payments.

International Divorce: Divorce if the Spouse is in a different country.

Child Support: The Payments which go to supporting minors. They do not go directly to the minor, but the the parent who is considered legally custodial. We will help you optimise the situation

Child Custody: This decides who has legal custody over the minors according to the court, we will help get a desirable situation.

Spousal Support: Similar to Child Support, these are payments which are given to the spouse to support themselves in some cases, unlike child support, they are given directly to the spouse.

QDRO 401K Divorce: This is dealing with things like retirement and investment benefits during divorce and how those are divided.

Pension in Divorce: This helps decide pensions in Divorce.

E-2 Visas: We will help you get an E-2 Visa if you want to marry someone from another country.