Al and Tipper Gore Divorce


Al and Tipper Gore Divorce

The news that Al and Tipper Gore are separating after 40 years of marriage has left pundits and the public scrambling for opinions. Although the tone can be harsh, the main theme seems to be shock & sadness. Regardless of political affiliation, the Gores have endured some pretty public things together. The couple has also had to endure the near-death experience of their son Albert III, as well as the crushing loss of the Presidency.

Since their June 2010 separation, Al and Tipper Gore have divided their time between their $9 million seaside home in Santa Barbara and the family home in Arlington, Va. During the day, she spends time in New York, where she sells photography. She returns home to Carthage, Tenn. at night, where she and Tipper Gore have a home as well as a new apartment. The two have four children together.

While the media has sparked a rumor that Al Gore was cheating on his wife, the reality is that Tipper is indeed a cheating ex. According to the Star, the former Vice President has been involved with the producer of his film Inconvenient Truth, Laurie David. She is the ex-wife of Larry David. But the truth is that there is no evidence to support this rumor.

The Gores’ marriage was marked by its rocky start. Al met Tipper at a prom in high school and they began to date. Their relationship grew stronger until they married in 2001. The couple had three children. They were married in 2005 and had four children together. However, they split in 2006 after a year of marriage. Despite their love for one another, they remained faithful partners who worked hard for each others.

The couple divorced in 2010, but the couple remained friends. Al and Tipper Gore have kept in touch but their marriage has remained strong over the years. The two are now back together. The couple split and moved into their respective homes. The Gores have two daughters. The children live with their parents in Arlington, Va., while the husband lives in Santa Barbara.

The couple divorced a few months ago after they bought their $8 million Santa Barbara beachside home. Arlington, Va. is still part of the story. She divides her time between the two homes. While she spends most of her time in New York, she is also working from her New York studio. She sells her photography on her Web site, which she keeps updated.

The couple split in June 2010, and have lived apart ever since. They split their time between their $9 million seaside home in Santa Barbara and their ancestral home in Arlington, Va., but often spent time in New York. She also sells her photography through her Web site. In addition to being single, Al and Tipper’s children are not the only people who have been affected by the divorce. The divorce would have been easier if they had been married for many decades.

Nevertheless, it is not clear if the divorce is overtly personal or a case of adultery. They were married in June 2010, and they have remained close friends. Their children have been raised separately. The couple reunited with their families in Carthage (Tenn) after the divorce. Al Tipper Gore and Tipper Gore have had three children together for more than 15 years.

Although the divorce is undisputed the couple have continued to live apart. Despite their split, the two still have close ties. Al and Tipper Gore remained married for almost 20 years, and both are still living separately. While Tipper went to her mother’s house in Arlington, Va., and Bill Allen lives in New York, the couple also have a son. While they are separated, their children will remain together.

Nevertheless, there was no formal cause of the Al and Tipper Gore divorce. The couple had four children together and settled in Tennessee. They both grew up in Washington, D.C., where they met at a high school graduation dance and married on May 19, 1970. They split up a few more years later. They are now living separate lives. They are no longer in the same room, although they are still close.

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