Why Prenups Are Important on Reddit

Why Prenups Are Important on Reddit

When it comes to getting a prenup, there are two major reasons to consider it. First, it is important to remember that premarital assets should not be fair game in a divorce. Many couples marry young, before they have significant assets, and they may not realize it until later. As a result, they may end up with half the house, or a few thousand dollars. These assets are entirely irrelevant. Secondly, anticipating a divorce is not the right time to get married.


Second, a prenup protects the assets a guy had before marriage. In addition to the assets he accumulated before the marriage, a prenup may contain provisions that make it even more important to talk about. However, it’s important to note that a clause that states “no child support” is not legal. A woman who earns $100k a year from hard work and dedication will be more likely to get a bigger share than her man. Moreover, a prenup cannot waive child support.

If a prenup protects assets earned before the marriage, it is essential to keep in mind that the assets earned after the marriage are fair game. This is especially true if one party earns over one hundred thousand dollars a year because of his hard work, while the other plans to stay home and take care of the children. If the partner has children, a prenup cannot waive child support, alimony, and child support payments. If the couple decides to split their property, the prenup is not the time to do so.

There are also some elements of a prenup that can be negotiated during the wedding. For instance, “no child support” is not possible if the parties are rich enough. This money is considered the child’s money, and if the husband refuses to pay it, the wife would have the option to buy crack cocaine with it. If this happens, the prenup won’t be legally binding and is unenforceable.

Lastly, a prenup must be specific. A prenup should address the assets that were earned prior to the marriage. For example, if the man earns a hundred thousand dollars a year thanks to his hard work, he can have a separate bank account. The wife’s bank account will not be affected by a prenup. If this is the case, the woman’s heirlooms could be worth as much as a hundred thousand dollars.

In addition to these assets, a prenup must also cover premarital debts and alimony. A prenup must also cover the assets and debts of both parties. A prenup should include a clause that specifies what a spouse will be able to do with them in the event of divorce. In addition, a prenup should not give up any rights to the child.

Prenups are a great way to protect both parties’ interests. If you are wealthy, you should hire an independent attorney to help you protect your assets. If you are not comfortable with the idea of hiring a lawyer, make sure your fiance pays for the legal expenses himself. If you don’t, the prenup should not give up child custody or visitation rights. You should be able to communicate and be clear with your future spouse. If you want a healthy marriage, a healthy prenup will be a great thing.

Secondly, a prenup should cover all of the assets that the couple owns before they marry. If a man earns a hundred thousand dollars a year, he can’t include a clause that says he won’t pay alimony to his ex. If he has a hundred thousand dollars, he shouldn’t have a prenup that includes alimony. Then, the agreement must be clear about any assets that the couple has together before the wedding.

Prenups protect the assets that the couple owned before their marriage. There are other elements that can affect the prenup, though. For example, it can stipulate whether the couple wants to provide child support to the other spouse. For instance, the agreement should specify whether the former partner’s spouse should contribute alimony for the children. A prenup should not give the other spouse an advantage in court. It should not be the same as alimony.

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