The Massey Prenup

The Massey Prenup

The Massey prenup is a type of marriage contract that protects the assets of a wealthy spouse from the interests of a lower-income spouse. This document is often drafted by lawyers to be legally binding, and it is also the most complex. It protects the wealth of the wealthy spouse from the claims of the low-income spouse in the event that they divorce. Many couples hesitate to sign it due to its rigid structure and lengthy draft time.


Named after Miles Massey, a prominent Los Angeles divorce lawyer, this pre-nup contract is strong and secure. With an impressive client list, a reputation among his peers, and a well-deserved name on the Massey Pre-Nup, Miles Massey is on top of the game. However, his success is waning and he is looking for new challenges. Marylin Rexroth arrives at him with her new fiance and he quickly sabotages the agreement and sends them packing.

Marylin discovers a homeless woman holding an Emmy statuete and decides to take revenge on Miles. She offers him the chance to reclaim the lost glory. She then appears at Miles’ office, claiming she is now married. She insists on the Massey Prenup so that she can claim her husbands assets during the divorce proceedings. Howard arrives with a new fiance and destroys the Massey Prenup. He then gets her to sign it.

Prenups are the best way to protect the spouses in the event of a divorce. It is worth considering a prenup even though it is impossible to predict the outcome of a court case. Prenups can be used to protect the spouse’s assets and possessions. However, they can also prevent someone else from taking advantage of the marriage. The prenup must be agreed upon by both spouses in order to avoid complications that can arise from a divorce.

A Massey prenup does not apply to a divorce. It is not binding. It can be helpful in certain cases. A good prenup can protect assets and money in the event of divorce. The only real way to protect a spouse’s assets is to avoid a marriage contract. A good prenup can prevent future problems from arising in the event of a divorce.

For couples going through divorce, the Massey prenup is a useful tool. It can also protect the wife in the case of divorce, as well as protecting the husband. In the instance of an unenforceable prenup, only half the money is available to the former spouse. However, if she is the one to file for a divorce, she will be able to take all of the assets.

Prenups should protect both the husband’s and the wife’s interests. It should protect both spouses from the creditors of the other. Massey prenups will protect both spouse’s interests and stop the ex-wife claiming her assets during a divorce. It may also protect your children’s assets. It is essential for financial security of a couple. But it is not enough to protect a spouse’s property. Masseys must also protect the spouse’s needs.

The Massey prenup protects each party from the other’s assets during a divorce. A prenup should always be drawn up before marriage and signed off by both the husband and wife. If a spouse wants to divorce their spouse, the document should not prevent them from separating. If a prenup is in place, a marriage should be legally binding. The Massey prenup should protect a marriage from being dissolution.

Marylin and Howard D. Doyle meet for a divorce negotiation. After a brief discussion, the two sign the Massey prenup and invite Howard to the wedding. Howard takes the Massey prenup and eats it during the ceremony. The marriage contract is not signed before the wedding. If the couple divorces, then the marriage will be unenforceable and the ex-wife will be able to claim all the assets.

A Massey prenup can be a great way to protect your assets in case of divorce. The agreement will protect the interests of both spouses and prevent a spouse from benefiting from the other person’s assets. If you are considering a prenup, be sure to read the terms of your agreement carefully and make sure that you have a copy in your hand before signing. You’ll then be able see if a Massey renegotiates the property.

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