James Sexton Divorce Lawyer

James Sexton Divorce Lawyer

When you first meet James Sexton, you can see the intensity of his divorce lawyer. He wakes up at 4:00am, drinks pu-ehr tea and works out. He is a self-confessed computer geek and works with the most recent cross-platform applications. His OCD enforces his meticulous attention to detail. Sexton has worked for over two decades, in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Rockland County and Westchester County, and is among the top 1% of family law attorneys in the state.


Sexton is also an advocate for marriage equality. Sexton has been a Lambda Legal legal consultant for almost twenty years. He is also a frequent speaker at “Lavender Law” Conference every year, which is the largest national symposium on LGBT legal topics. He is a former journalist who lives in Chelsea, Manhattan. He enjoys hot yoga and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as well as tactical firearms. He is an active member of the Marcelo Garcia Academy.

Sexton’s experience, aggression and trustworthiness should be enough to make the ‘holy’ of the divorce process. Although most divorcing couples are looking for a lawyer who will fight for their interests, it is important to understand that the entire divorce process is messy and unpredictable. James Sexton divorce lawyers can help you protect and preserve your interests, regardless of the reason for the divorce. If you’re facing a difficult time with your marriage, you should seek help from a reputable attorney.

James Sexton’s passion for his work is evident in the success he has had in court. He is a nationally recognized author, speaker and mediator. His no-holds-barred approach to argument makes him a top choice for your case. James Sexton lawyers will fight for your rights, even if your case involves a “holy” element.

If you are going through a divorce, you have come to the right place. A James Sexton divorce lawyer will fight for your rights. He is an aggressive litigator who won’t back down. A woman who doesn’t want to risk a broken marriage should not risk a life-altering experience. A divorce lawyer who is sensitive to the pain of having someone cheat on you can handle a chaotic and incoherent case.

Sexton is a best-selling author and a sought-after speaker. He has handled more than 1,000 divorce cases and is a highly experienced attorney. His clients are his priority. He is also a popular television host. His work is exemplary and he has been a sought-after public speaker for over twenty years. He spends his free time with his family.

A New York divorce lawyer, James J. Sexton, has seen a number of shambolic marriages collapse. In fact, he admits to having himself divorced. He describes a case that led to him losing his marriage in his first book. If you’re in his office, it’s too late. Unlikely as it sounds, a shambolic divorce can result in a shambolic death of a couple.

An unorthodox divorce lawyer can make a case even more complex. A well-prepared and aggressive attorney can help you get the best out of your divorce. And a well-prepared, aggressive attorney will have a higher probability of winning than a less-experienced lawyer. Sexton can help you if you are in a difficult divorce battle. He’ll make your case stand out, and he’ll put his passion into the case.

A divorce attorney should not be afraid to tell his clients the truth. It is often easier to tell a client the truth about a situation than to lie about it. An attorney cannot hide his past so it is better for him to be open. A good divorce lawyer will be able to handle your partner’s behavior when they are in a position of power. If you’re not frank with your attorney, it will be difficult for them to be able to defend your case in court.

Despite the high number of contested divorces, a significant percentage of them are caused by cheating. Technology is the main reason. There are many reasons for this. An iPhone or iPad allows a spouse to send nude photos and videos to anyone. A gynecologist’s testimony proves that the woman was a virgin. A spouse’s behavior can be the key to a marriage.

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