Dr. Dre’s Wife Files a Divorce Against Music Mgul

Dr. Dre’s Wife Files a Divorce Against Music Mgul

Nicole Young, Dr. Dre’s long-term wife, is seeking a divorce. This after almost 24 years of marriage. The couple has two daughters and three sons. Andre Young Jr. was killed by a drug overdose in April 2008. Dre’s wife, Dre, filed divorce proceedings in June 2020. She cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for their separation. It was revealed that the couple had signed a prenuptial contract before they were married. In June 2021, Nicole Young won her spousal support case against Dre.

Young has alleged that Dre has been abusing her and threatening her family. Young’s lawyer denied the allegations and asked for the divorce to be thrown out. She also claims that Dre was insensitive and unfaithful to her. Moreover, she says that the rap star has a history of violence, and has made a habit of threatening her with a gun.

Young and Dre have been married more than 20 years. They have four children together, and three from other relationships. Their marriage has been turbulent and acrimonious and both parties are trying their best to end it. Dre has also had five relationships with women before Nicole. The last one ended in tragedy when his son Andre Young Jr. was fatally shot.

The divorce papers were filed on January 6, and she claimed that her husband had hidden valuable assets after their split. Her ex-boyfriend had even claimed to own trademarks for his stage name and “The Chronic” album. Sources close to Dre deemed this absurd. Dre was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm on January 6. He was taken to a Los Angeles hospital for treatment.

Nicole Young is still undergoing divorce proceedings and wants her belongings back. In April 2020, the couple moved out of their Brentwood home. She has since stored high-end items in the house, including designer purses and couture clothing. Until her arrest, she has not made any statements in public. The divorce proceedings remain unresolved at the moment. Nicole Young’s ex husband will have to pay court costs to collect the costs if the divorce is finalized.

The divorce proceedings have escalated to the point where Nicole Young is seeking to reclaim her belongings from Dre’s home in Brentwood, California. She believes that the two-year-old rapper’s home has a history of abuse. While she has never been in her home since the marriage, she has reportedly been threatened by her estranged spouse. She is now considering legal options, but she wants to preserve her assets.

The split is not over yet, and Young is still fighting for the money she deserves. Despite being married to the musician, their relationship is rocky and her career is in jeopardy. The rumors surrounding Dre’s divorce are not limited to the money. He is also paying his ex-wife’s expenses, including security costs and maintenance for their Malibu house.

After a decade of marriage, Nicole Young worked as a lawyer. After the divorce, she reportedly left her job to devote time to her husband and their two children. The divorce has been acrimonious since Nicole Young alleged Dre abused her. Dre was previously married to Sedale Threatt, a NBA player. Both women allegedly slept with each other and had four kids.

Nicole Young filed for divorce last June after years of marriage. The couple, who have two children, married on May 25 1996. The divorce became contentious after Nicole Young made public accusations about the alleged abuse she suffered from Dre. She reportedly shouted, “Get the fuck from my husband!” April 2. She and Dre had a bitter fight on April 2, and she is demanding $400000.

Young and Dre are not married, but they have two children. She has a son, Curtis, who is 24, and a daughter, Truly, who is 20. She will be leaving her Malibu beach home and home. She will keep her Rolls Royce, Range Rover, and Escalade limo. Her divorce will not affect her children’s future.

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