Archie and Jamiee’s Korean Prenup Photoshoot

Archie and Jamiee’s Korean Prenup Photoshoot


Archie and Jamiee are a couple who recently had their prenup session in Seoul. Aika Guerrero photographed the prenup session, and the two expressed how much fun it was. While they are first-time visitors to Seoul, they rated the experience very positively. They plan to return soon to have their wedding and prenup pictures taken. Here is a look at the process and some photos they took during their prenup.

ARCHER AND JAIMEE were inspired to have a Korean prenup photoshoot by their mutual love for K-dramas. While their wedding style and color scheme are completely different from the style of a traditional Filipino wedding, they still wanted to incorporate the theme into the ceremony. They wanted the photos to be beautiful, so they chose Seoul as their location. The prenup shoot itself was two days long, which gave the couple a unique experience.

The couple was also very excited to have their prenup photos taken in Seoul. The city is so beautiful and the couples wanted to incorporate the country’s most iconic buildings into the ceremony. The prenup was a dream come true for the two, and they both wanted to be in Seoul for their wedding. Despite the difficulties, the couples say they’re thrilled with the outcome of the prenup shoot.

Archie and Jaimée’s love of K-dramas led them to decide on a Seoul setting for their Korean prenuptial photography. As the couple describe it, they envisioned the prenup as a romantic and idyllic Korean setting. While the two-day shoot was a new experience for the couple, they enjoyed the experience. The two-day experience opened up a whole new world for them.

The two-day shoot in Seoul was a unique experience for the couple. The couple chose to have their prenuptial photos taken in a location that was meaningful to them. The couples had been planning their prenuptial shoot in Korea for the past two years, and the results were stunning. The two-day shoot also allowed the couple to experience a new culture that they had never been exposed to before.

The couple’s love of K-dramas led them to choose Seoul as the location for their Korean prenuptial. Their dream was to be in an idyllic Korean setting, and the couple describes their wedding theme as a modern day version of the K-drama. Nevertheless, the two-day shoot was a new experience for them, and they were happy that they had the opportunity to create such a special day in their home.

The couple’s love of K-dramas inspired the couple to choose Seoul for their prenuptial photo shoot. Their two-day shoot was a huge learning experience for them, and they are happy with the results. The two-day shoot was a fun and memorable experience for them. A prenuptial photoshoot in Seoul is a unique way to commemorate an important milestone in a couple’s life.

While a Korean prenup is a traditional wedding, there are some differences. In addition to the traditional wedding ceremony, the prenuptial photoshoot is a celebration of love. Traditionally, the bride and groom are the ones to marry. However, the bride and groom are not allowed to take photos during the wedding, but they can choose to have engagement photos taken in the same location. They can have prenuptial photoshoots in the same character as their favorite K-drama characters.

For the prenuptial photoshoot, the couple chose to have it shot in Seoul. The two-day shoot opened up a whole new world for them, and they were able to create the perfect wedding photoshoot in just one day. After all, the two-day shoot was the most fun part of the wedding. It was a wonderful experience for the couple. If you’re planning a Korean wedding, the two-day prenupshoot will be a memorable experience.

The prenupshoot will be the first of its kind in the Philippines. The photographer will be a Korean and you’ll be surrounded by Korean-themed backdrops. You’ll be able to get a beautiful wedding photo at SilverMoon Studio, which is a premiere venue for a Korean themed prenup. The studio is located in the heart of Cubao. After the ceremony, the couple will head out on a Korean honeymoon.

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