Divorce Lawyer Orange County’s attorneys have experience in many types of family law matters. Some of our services are:

Divorce Orange County. Our divorce lawyers know that marriages can end for many reasons. We will explain your legal rights and legal obligations and other things you can normally except from an attorney. Whether its a contested divorce, uncontested divorce, legal separation, dissolution of a domestic partnership, or annulment, we can help you get the result you want.

Child support. Divorce can often be more complicated when minors are involved, the courts often prioritise  making sure child support payments. We make sure the case is fair to you, your former spouse, and your minors. We have access the Dissomaster® programme that California courts use.

Child custody. Divorces can be harder if your  former spouse not willing to compromise on some issues. An area which often causes stress is child custody. We will make sure your minors are cared for and their wishes are met to the best possible extent.

Division of marital property. At the beginning of a divorce, you may realise its more complex than just signing papers and going to court. It may also involve property and asset division – which can often be  confusing and tedious.  Our family law lawyers are highly skilled and experienced at settling these kinds of disputes.

Pre/post nuptial agreements. Prenuptial and Postnuptial agreements may be a good idea if you believe you may run into trouble during your marriage, or just want to maintain division of assets. We can help with the process of signing the necessary documents and are prepared to answer any questions.

We are proud of our unrelenting yet passionate family law approach. We represent and support our clients  difficult times like these by helping them get the results they wish. A lot of our success is rooted in our evidence of positive verdicts through high quality, extensive work.

Contact us today. As a successful family law attorneys in Orange County, we have a reputation for achieving great results. You can expect support during this difficult and though process.