Contested divorce

Contested divorce is a divorce in which you and your spouse are disagree on one or more issues of the divorce. There are four basic issues during divorce:

child custody/visitation;

child support;

property division;

spousal support ( alimony)

If any or all of those four issues is in dispute, we can still try to turn your contested divorce into uncontested using our reliable Mediation technique. As we pointed out on our home page the divorce would never give you an ideal result, both of you will have some kind of loss. The idea of mediation is guide you and your spouse in the way you come up with the solution to minimize your losses and make your divorce relatively comfortable to prepare you for your changes to become single again.

If you and your spouse unable to reach an agreement during Mediation secession , the contested issues will be given to the judge to make a decision for you.

Contested divorce always longer process with more documents preparations and longer procedures.